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Protect your pup and your peace of mind with tooth to tail cover that gets tails wagging.
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Napo is a top scorer in Which? research and Best Buy for 8K, 12K, and 16K policies.

What do Napo insurance policies for dogs include?

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Here at Napo, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy. That's why we offer comprehensive dog insurance plans with
lifetime cover
, plus everything from
travel cover
to dental included.
Napo pet insurance plans for dogs include:
  • Up to 16k in vet fee cover.
  • Free 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists.
  • Dog insurance with
    dental cover
    for accidents and illness.
  • 15% multipet discount
    when you insure more than one pet with us

We make dog insurance a doddle

Free video vet appointments

You can get free, unlimited, 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists. So you can always get expert help.

Fast, fuss-free claims

Our simple claims process is quick, easy and all online. Read
how to claim here

Low excess

We have a
low standard excess charge
of £75 per condition, per year. No matter your policy.

Exclusive perks for puppy owners

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As well as providing comprehensive dog insurance to protect your pup, you'll get access to
Puppy Academy
and our dog training hub for free.
With Puppy Academy, you can book live online classes run by vets and behaviourists, at times that suit you. You'll learn everything you need to know to bring up a happy, healthy, well-behaved puppy. Meanwhile the Dog Training Hub contains video lessons you can watch anytime, and group Q&As with a clinical animal behaviourist for personal advise.

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Dog insurance FAQs

Why should I insure my dog?

Vet treatments
can be very expensive
, and are often out of the blue. Although you might do all you can to protect your pooch, accidents and illness can still happen.
Having insurance for your dog means you don’t have to worry about paying all your vet fees yourself. Your insurer will pay the bill as long as it’s included within your policy.
A Napo dog insurance policy doesn't just cover vet fees though. We'll help you cover the cost of other treatments like complementary therapy and behavioural therapy. If your pet ever goes missing, we'll help you pay for advertising costs and rewards. We also offer
travel cover
with every policy. That helps to pay vet fees if your pet gets sick on holiday, or can even cover travel or accommodation costs if you have to change your plans because of your pet.
To find out more about our cover,
get an online quote

Is it worth insuring an old dog?

Whether you think getting older dog insurance is worth it is down to you, and will depend on your situation. For many people, covering an unexpected vet bill can be stressful, and they might not have the savings to cover it.
Sadly as dogs get older, they're more likely to suffer from ill health. Plus, any conditions they already have are likely to get worse, and they don't recover from ill health as quickly as a young dog. That means they're more likely to need some extra care. Having pet insurance means you can worry less about covering vet bills, as they'll cover it for you.

How much does dog insurance cost?

The average cost of dog insurance will vary depending on the policy you buy, where you live, and even factors like your dog’s age and breed.
And just like home insurance or car insurance, you generally get more comprehensive cover, and higher fee limits, if you’re willing to pay a higher premium.
Meanwhile, you can take out a lower-price policy, but this typically offers limited cover.
There are other costs to factor in too, other than your monthly premiums. You'll usually have to pay excess whenever you claim. Excess varies between each policy and provider. Napo offers a low excess of £75 per condition, per year. (So if you've got a continued condition, you'll only pay it once that year rather than every claim.)
Another cost to keep in mind is co-pay. Some providers may request co-pay for all claims, but many introduce it as a pet gets older. At Napo, you only need to pay 20% co-pay if your pet is older than 9 years old.
You can find out how much dog insurance would cost you by getting
an online quote

What is the best dog insurance?

Every situation and every dog is different, so the cover you need might not be the same as what another owner wants. 
We offer several different policies with varying amounts of cover, so you can find one that best fits you and your pup’s needs. To find out which Napo policy is right for you, take
a quick online quote
If you want to compare dog insurance from different providers, you can check online.

Do you offer puppy insurance?

Yes, our dog insurance covers puppies and dogs. We can insure your puppy as long as they’re older than 4 weeks of age.

Do you offer senior dog insurance?

Napo can offer pet insurance for senior dogs, because all of our policies offer
lifetime cover
. We'll protect your pooch no matter how old they get, as long as you start the policy before they're 15 years old, and keep the policy active.
If your dog is older than 9 years old, you’ll need to pay co-pay as well as excess. (Co-pay is a 20% contribution towards claims.)

Does your dog insurance cover dental treatment?

Yes, all Napo policies include
dental cover
. All policies get at least £2000 towards dental treatment, and we'll cover the cost of dental treatments caused by accidents or illnesses. To be eligible for cover, there’s no extra cost. We just ask that your dog should have an annual dental check up. This can be done anytime your pup sees the vet, and helps to spot any problems early.

Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

We don’t cover a pre-existing condition your dog’s had in the last 24 months.
If your dog hasn’t had symptoms, treatment, medication, or advice for the condition in the last 24 months, we can cover it!

Can I get multi dog insurance?

Yes, you can insure more than one dog with us, and you'll get a
15% multipet discount
. Each dog will have to have a separate policy, which means they have their own individual cover limit.

How long does dog insurance take to kick in?

Most insurance policies have a waiting period. This is a set number of days between your policy start date, and when the cover comes into effect. It varies between different dog insurance companies, so remember to check their policy document to see what their waiting period is.
We can cover accidents that happen after 24 hours from your policy start date. We’ll also cover any other condition that first shows signs or symptoms after the first 10 days.

What types of dog insurance are there?

There are a few types of dog insurance on the market including time-limited, maximum benefit, lifetime pet insurance, and accident-only pet insurance.
As the name suggests, accident-only just protects your pet in the case of accidents, it won't cover illness.
Meanwhile, time-limited offers a fixed amount of cover for accidents and illness. However, it only covers your pet for a set time period. (Normally 12 months.) After that time period, you won't be covered. And usually any conditions your dog developed during that time will become "pre-existing conditions" when you come to buy a new policy, even with the same provider.
Maximum benefit will protect your pet against accident and illness for any period of time, but only up to an agreed maximum cover amount. Once you claim for that benefit amount, your cover ends. Again, this can mean you lose cover for pre-existing conditions when you purchase a new policy.
Meanwhile, lifetime cover offers a certain value of cover that resets every year. It also protects your pet from accidents, illness, and injuries. Lifetime cover offers long term protection that lasts as long as the policy is active.
At Napo,
all of our policies offer lifetime cover
. We believe it offers your pooch the most comprehensive protection, and gives you peace of mind that any conditions they develop will be covered for life.

Need some more dog advice?

We have lots of dedicated dog advice on
our blog
and in our podcast, “
The Pet Perspective

Protect your pup from tooth to tail with comprehensive dog insurance

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