Pet insurance with holiday cover in the EU.
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Pet insurance with holiday cover as standard

Napo offers pet insurance with travel cover, so your pets are protected at home and on holiday the EU.
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Can I use Napo pet insurance abroad?

This is a photo of a black Labrador on a tropical beach. Pet insurance with holiday cover can protect your pet when you travel together.
Yes, you can use your Napo pet insurance when travelling within the EU. You’ll have cover of up to £1000 to £2000 a year which can be used on all sorts from emergency vet fees, to changing your travel if your pet goes missing or needs life-saving treatment.
Everything our pet insurance covers when you’re abroad is outlined in
our policy document
Unfortunately, we don’t cover pets when they’re outside of the UK or the EU. We hope we can one day be able to cover your pets wherever your travels take you!

As well as pet travel cover you get…

Free video vet appointments

You can get free, unlimited, 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists. So you can always get expert help.

Fast, fuss-free claims

Our simple claims process is quick, easy and all online. Read
how to claim here

Low excess

We have a
low standard excess charge
of £75 per condition, per year. No matter your policy.

We've got you covered for

Accident and illness

If your pet gets poorly, we’ll cover vet treatment. That includes tests, surgeries, hospitalisation, medication, and more.

Dental work

We’re one of the only insurers to
cover dental illnesses
, including tartar removal and extractions.

Complementary treatment

Such as physiotherapy to help mend a torn muscle or treatment to relieve general aches, pains and stiffness.

Behavioural treatment

To stop bad habits like excessive grooming, or helping pets feel less anxious when you’re not there.

Travel and holidays

We include
travel cover
in case your pet needs to see a vet abroad, or you have to extend or cut a trip short because of your pet.

Emergency boarding

Covering the cost of putting your pet into a kennel or cattery if you need to go into hospital and can’t look after them.

Finding a missing pet

If your pet goes missing, we’ll pay advertising costs and the reward.

Third party liability

If your dog injures someone or damages property and a claim is made against you.

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Frequently asked questions about pet insurance for travel

Can pet insurance be used anywhere?

No, pet insurance unfortunately can’t be used everywhere. Different countries have different rules, regulations, and laws so it can be tricky to offer cover in multiple areas on the same policy. 
Napo does offer comprehensive insurance for UK pets. This includes some cover for when you're travelling abroad with your pet within the EU. But it doesn not cover long stays of 90+ days, or if you relocate abroad.

Can you use pet insurance abroad?

It depends on your provider and your policy. Not all pet insurance can be used outside the UK. And even pet insurance that covers you whilst your abroad can have limits on the countries it’s valid in, or the amount of vet fees you can claim.
All Napo policies will give you cover when you and your pet are abroad in an EU country. Depending on your policy, you’ll get between £1000 and £2000 emergency vet fee cover when you’re away from the UK. However, we can only cover your pets while travelling or staying in the EU temporarily.

Does travel insurance cover pets?

Human travel insurance or holiday insurance doesn’t usually cover anything related to your pet. That’s what pet insurance is for! 
Depending on the pet insurance you buy, you could get some cover for your furry friend when you’re away from the UK.
In the case of Napo, when you insure your furry friends with us, you'll have some cat or dog travel insurance with whatever policy you have. We’ll cover you for things like emergency vet fees if your pet is sick on holiday, or help to cover the cost of a rearranged flight home if your pet goes missing.
You can see exactly what we cover you for in our policy document. Depending on your policy, you’ll get £1000 to £2000 of cover for when you’re travelling throughout the EU.

How does pet travel insurance work?

Your Napo pet insurance will cover you for all sorts of accidents, injuries, and mishaps that might happen while you’re abroad. 
We can cover emergency vet fees if your pet is sick on holiday. We can help you with unexpected accommodation costs for you and your pet if you miss your travel home because your pet was sick, or because they were lost or stolen.
We can even help towards the cost of unused travel and accommodation if you cancel a holiday or cut it short because your pet needs life-saving treatment.
Your cover while travelling outside the UK goes up to £1000 or £2000 a year depending on your policy. However, we can only cover you and your pet if you’re travelling within the EU. You find out more in our policy document.

What is the average pet travel insurance cost?

If you're insured with Napo, your travel cover comes as standard as part of your policy. That means you don't have to pay extra for travel cover, you already get it as part of our comprehensive insurance.

Do pets need insurance to fly?

No, your pet doesn’t need insurance to fly. However when you travel with your pet, many countries require documents about your pet’s health, vaccination status, and insurance to allow them entry into the country. 
What you need to travel with your dog depends on the country you are visiting. To find out more, check out
this information provided by the UK Government
If you are looking for pet insurance for air travel that covers your pet in the case of accidents or incidents while travelling on a plane, please check your policy document. And if in doubt, contact your insurance provider.

Can I use my pet insurance if I’m living abroad?

If you want to have comprehensive pet insurance when living abroad, it’s best to purchase insurance with a provider that covers that country.
For example, Napo currently only offers complete year-round  cover for UK pets. We offer cat or dog travel cover for when you and your furry friends are on holiday. But, we can not cover claims where a pet has spent 90 consecutive days, or over 180 days overall in a year, outside of the UK.
One day, we hope we can launch our cover in other countries. But for now, your pet will only have complete lifetime cover with us when they’re living in the UK. We can cover you for holidays, but not living abroad.

Get pet insurance with holiday cover in the EU

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