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Comprehensive cat insurance

Find a cat insurance policy that’s "purrfect" for you and your cat with Napo.
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We make cat insurance simple

One single, simple excess charge

A standard excess charge of £75 per condition, per year, no matter your policy.

Claim anytime, all online

Our simple claims process is all online, making it quick and easy to claim.

Low excess

For each illness or injury you claim for, you’ll only pay £75 per year.

No need to wait nine lives, get a quick online quote.

What do our insurance policies for cats include?

At Napo, we want you to have access to all the cover and resources you need to keep your cat happy and healthy. That 's why our insurance for cats includes cover many other insurers miss out. Including...
  • Up to 16k in vet fee cover.
  • Free 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists.
  • Cat insurance with dental cover, inlcuding tartar removal and extractions

Help whenever and wherever you need it

As a Napo cat insurance customer, you can access free, unlimited 24/7 video calls with vets and behaviourists through FirstVet.
So whether they're hacking up hairballs, or shredding the sofa, you can get the best expert advice for your cat. All from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Find out about the comprehensive cover we offer your cat

What our customers think about Napo

Our cat was bitten by a fox and Napo made it very easy to make a claim. Also you can tell by their response that they are a company who really care about animals. I just happened upon them for cat insurance but I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Richard - 5* TrustPilot review

Cat insurance FAQs

Do cats need insurance?
We think so. Vet bills can be very expensive, and are often unexpected. Having insurance for your cat means you won’t be out of pocket paying for vet fees, as your insurance will pay you back as long as it’s within your cover.
Alternatively, we could even pay your vet directly so you won’t even need to get your wallet out.
How much does cat insurance cost?
The cost of your cat insurance will depend on the breed of your cat, their age, and where you live.
Plus, the price of the premium you pay will vary depending on the policy you take out. Just like home or car insurance, you generally get greater levels of cover if you pay a higher premium.
To find out exactly how much cat insurance would cost you, get
an online quote
What cat insurance policy is best?
Every cat is unique, and your situation is too, so the best policy for you might not be the same as another owner. 
We’ve created a range of policies so you can find one that best suits you and your cat’s needs.
You can find out which policy is right for you and your feline by getting
an online quote
Do you provide kitten insurance?
Yes, we will insure both cats and kittens. We can insure your kitten as long as they’re older than 4 weeks.
Does your cat insurance include pre-existing conditions?
Our insurance policies for cats can cover pre-existing conditions, as long as your cat hasn’t had symptoms, treatment, medication, or advice for it in the last 24 months.
Does your cat insurance include dental?
Our cat insurance includes dental cover for both accidents and illness. We also cover tartar removal, professional cleaning, and tooth extractions, as long as the procedures have been prescribed by and carried out by a vet.

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Protect your cat from tooth to tail with our comprehensive cat insurance.