Save 15% with multipet discount.
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Insure multiple pets for a marvellous discount

Insure your furry friends together with Napo and save 15%. Plus, choose cover for each pet and still get your multi pet discount.
Which? Best Buy Award for Dog Insurance for 2023 for 8k, 12k and 16k policies
Defaqto 5 star ratingFairer Finance 5 star rating for dog insuranceFairer Finance 5 star rating for cat insurance
Napo is a top scorer in Which? research and Best Buy for 8K, 12K, and 16K policies.

Multipet insurance with Individual cover

The photo shows a dog and a cat lying on the grass. The cat is headbutting the dog affectionately.
We always say “the more the merrier”, and it’s definitely true with pets. You start with one, and before you know it, there’s three cute critters calling your house home! 
That's why we offer a multipet discount of 15% if you want to insure more than one pet with us. This helps to keep your premium costs affordable, even with a house full of four-legged friends!
You can even pick the cover that’s “pawfect” for each of your pets and change your cover limits anytime
in your dashboard
. You can still get our
15% multi pet discount
, even though each pet has an individual policy, with their own individual policy limit.
So whether you're looking for multiple dog insurance, multiple cat insurance, or a mix of both, we can insure all your mutts and moggies together and save you money.

Making pet insurance for multiple pets easy

Free video vet appointments

You can get free, unlimited, 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists. So you can always get expert help.

Fast, fuss-free claims

Our simple claims process is quick, easy and all online. Read
how to claim here

Low excess

We have a
low standard excess charge
of £75 per condition, per year. No matter your policy.

We've got you covered for

Accident and illness

If your pet gets poorly, we’ll cover vet treatment. That includes tests, surgeries, hospitalisation, medication, and more.

Dental work

We’re one of the only insurers to
cover dental illnesses
, including tartar removal and extractions.

Complementary treatment

Such as physiotherapy to help mend a torn muscle or treatment to relieve general aches, pains and stiffness.

Behavioural treatment

To stop bad habits like excessive grooming, or helping pets feel less anxious when you’re not there.

Travel and holidays

We include
travel cover
in case your pet needs to see a vet abroad, or you have to extend or cut a trip short because of your pet.

Emergency boarding

Covering the cost of putting your pet into a kennel or cattery if you need to go into hospital and can’t look after them.

Finding a missing pet

If your pet goes missing, we’ll pay advertising costs and the reward.

Third party liability

If your dog injures someone or damages property and a claim is made against you.

Chat to a vet, whenever you need them

Whether you’re looking for the best pet insurance for multiple cats, the best pet insurance for multiple dogs, or a mix of mutts and moggies - you’ll still benefit from all our great petcare tools. This includes free and unlimited video calls with vets.
All Napo members get access to free 24/7 calls with UK vets and behaviourists through the FirstVet app. So no matter what problem your pet’s facing, you can get help whenever you need it.

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Frequently asked questions about multi pet insurance

Does pet insurance cover multiple pets?

Yes, pet insurance can cover multiple pets, but you can’t insure all your pets in one policy.
A single pet insurance policy can only cover one pet. However, pet insurance can cover several pets, with each pet having a different policy.

How do I get a multiple pet insurance quote?

Here’s how to get a multi pet insurance quote from Napo. You’ll need to
get a quote
for one pet. At the bottom of the form where it asks “would you like to add another pet?” click yes.
Then, fill in the details for your next pet. Repeat these steps for as many pets as you want to add.
Once you’ve submitted all your pets details, we’ll give you a quote. You can compare our four cover limits and the monthly cost of each. The multi pet discount will already be applied to your quote, so you don’t need to worry about doing any maths yourself!

How do I get my multi pet discount?

If you’re a new customer and want to get your discount for insuring multiple pets with us, simply get a quote. At the bottom of the form, click “yes’ to “would you like to add another pet”. We’ll add the discount to your quote, and you can choose if you’d like to purchase cover with us.
If you’re already a customer and would like to add a pet to get our multiple pet insurance discount, please
contact one of our customer champions

Do I need to insure different kinds of pets to get the multi pet insurance deals?

You can get our multi pet discount as long as you buy cover for multiple pets. Our multi pet cover applies whether you're protecting dogs, cats, or a mix of both. 
So it doesn’t matter if you're looking for multi dog insurance, multi cat insurance, or a mix of the two, you will still receive a discount as long as you insure more than one pet with us.

Can I compare multi pet insurance?

Napo provides four different cover levels. You can compare our different policies by
getting a multi pet insurance quote
If you want a multi pet insurance comparison of Napo against other insurers, you can do so on a price comparison website.

Does Napo multi animal pet insurance offer lifetime cover?

Yes, all Napo policies offer lifetime cover. So whether you’re insuring one pet, two, or two dozen, our multiple pet insurance cover will keep them protected for life, as long as their policies are active.

Can you have multiple pet insurance policies?

You can have multiple pet insurance policies from the same provider, but you can only have one policy per pet. For example, Napo has four different levels of cover and you can pick which policy is best for each of your pets. 
However, you cannot have multiple pet insurance policies from different providers. So if you have a pet that’s insured with Napo, the same pet cannot also be insured with another provider. You could have different pets insured with different providers though.

Insure multiple pets to save 15% on cover

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