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Protect your pet from tooth to tail

Comprehensive lifetime cover, with free access to the best pet care services.
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Free video vet appointments

We’ve got UK vets and behaviourists online 24/7, ready to help with anything.

Fully online claims

It’s easy to claim online, without downloading or printing any forms.

Low excess

For each illness or injury you claim for, you’ll only pay £75 per year.

We’ve got you covered for:

Accident and illness
If your pet gets poorly, we’ll cover vet treatment. That includes tests, surgeries, hospitalisation, medication, and more.
Dental work
We’re one of the only insurers to cover dental illnesses, including tartar removal and extractions.
Complementary treatment
Such as physiotherapy to help mend a torn muscle or treatment to relieve general aches, pains and stiffness.
Behavioural treatment
To stop bad habits like excessive grooming, or helping pets feel less anxious when you’re not there.
Travel and holidays
In case your pet needs to see a vet abroad, or you have to extend or cut a trip short because of your pet.
Emergency boarding
Covering the cost of putting your pet into a kennel or cattery if you need to go into hospital and can’t look after them.
Finding a missing pet
If your pet goes missing, we’ll pay advertising costs and the reward.
Third party liability
If your dog injures someone or damages property and a claim is made against you.
Death and loss
We’ll support you through loss by providing bereavement counselling, as well as covering the costs of cremation and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Napo different?
We don’t want to make money by wriggling out of claims. Instead, we want to prevent vet bills in the first place by giving you free access to some of the best pet care services, so that your pet stays happy and healthy. In fact, we’re so confident, we offer a comprehensive policy and a low £75 excess you only pay once a year, per condition claimed.
Can Napo pay my vet directly?
Yes. We can pay yourself or the vets, whichever you prefer. If you want us to pay your vets, it's up to the vet practice whether they would be happy to do this.
How can the excess be only £75 per year?
High excesses make claiming difficult and stressful. Insurers set them high to avoid paying up. We want to make claiming as stress-free as possible. We know claiming always comes at tough times, and believe our free pet services will help prevent the need to claim in the first place. That way, we don’t need to wriggle out of paying when you need us the most. The low £75 excess is our proof to you that we mean it.
How does Napo make money?
We earn a commission from your monthly payments, which we use to fund our free pet services and pay our small team. The rest of your payments are pooled and used to pay out claims. If the amount we’ve got pooled is ever less than the amount we need to pay out in claims, don’t worry. We’ve got what’s called an ‘underwriter’ who will keep paying out claims so we’ll never go back on our word in our policy.
Why do I need pet insurance?
Illnesses, dental work, behavioural treatment, even ‘missing pet’ rewards...the costs of a pet over its lifetime can stack up. For example, if you own a small dog, the PDSA estimates you’ll pay up to £25,000 over its lifetime, unless you have insurance. Our comprehensive cover makes sure that if you ever need expensive help, you can afford the very best!
How often does Napo reject claims?
We just launched in October 2021, so we haven’t got an approval rate to share yet. What we can say is that we’ll always pay your claim if it’s covered in our generous policy. Remember, we’re not here to wriggle out of paying when you need us the most. We’re here to help keep your pet happy and healthy in the first place.
Will my policy price increase if I claim?
That’s a tricky one. Yes and no. Some insurers boast they’ve got “no penalty for claiming” but they don’t show you their fineprint. Here’s the truth... Pet insurance policies, including Napo’s, go up slightly each year as your pet gets older and less healthy. Now, a claim’s effect on that increase will depend on the type of claim. If you claim for an isolated accident, there probably won’t be an increase. If you claim for something that might lead to long term consequences like heart issues, then yes there’ll likely be an increase.

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