What is lifetime pet insurance?

Lifetime pet insurance means that your pet is covered for any conditions that they develop for life
So if your pet develops a long-term illness, like diabetes, they will continue to be covered for it as long as your policy is active.
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. That means if your pet gets a long-term illness while insured with us, that illness will be covered for the rest of their life, as long as your policy is running.
Vets almost always recommend lifetime policies, rather than annual policies or time-limited policies. These only cover each illness for one policy year, or a set period of time, and when the policy ends, the conditions will no longer be covered.

Napo's lifetime pet insurance

We have four different levels of cover to choose from. That means you can choose the maximum vet fees per year you’d like to be covered for, and pick cover that’s right for you and your pet. No matter which of our policies you go for, it'll protect your pet for life, as long as you renew your policy.
With these policies, you can claim for a one-off illness or injury, and you can claim for ongoing illness that is likely to last a long time, or for life.
But like any insurance policy, if you cancel the policy, you won’t be able to make future claims against it. So you can protect your pet for life, as long as your policy is running.

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