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Puppy training

Live classes, training resources, and access to a team of certified trainers all in one place.

Comprehensive cover

Award-winning insurance that includes dental. With fast, fuss-free claims.

24/7 vet video calls

Unlimited 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists. So they can always get expert help.

How your free trial works

Set up account

You’ll also set up a direct debit. 
Get instant access to puppy training & vet calls.

Accident cover starts

You can claim for unexpected events resulting in one or more injuries.

Illness cover starts

Wait over period over you can claim any changes to your pet’s normal everyday health.

We’ll remind you

We will send you a reminder email before your trial ends. If it's wrong for you, no problem.

Keep cover & perks

We’ll take your first payment and you keep everything for 11 more months.

We've got you covered for:

Accident and illness

If your pet gets poorly, we’ll cover vet treatment. That includes tests, surgeries, hospitalisation, medication, and more.

Dental work

We’re one of the only insurers to cover dental illnesses, including tartar removal and extractions.

Complementary treatment

Such as physiotherapy to help mend a torn muscle, or treatment to relieve general aches, pains, and stiffness.

Behavioural treatment

To stop bad habits like excessive grooming, or helping pets feel less anxious when you’re not there.

Travel and holidays

We include travel cover in case your pet needs to see a vet abroad, or you have to extend or cut a trip short because of your pet.

Emergency boarding

Covering the cost of putting your pet into a kennel or cattery if you need to go into hospital and can’t look after them.

Finding a missing pet

If your pet goes missing, we’ll pay advertising costs and the reward.

Third party liability

If your dog injures someone or damages property and a claim is made against you.

All the training help you need in one place

Live classes with our experts

Join live classes where trainers can tell you what’s stalling your training, and how to get back on track.

On demand resources

Practise at any time, any place with our library of video and written resources. It’s always being added to!

Extra support from the trainer forum

If you’ve tried everything and feel lost, or you’d just like some extra reassurance, we’ve got you. Ask our trainers in the forum or on a video call.

24/7 vet help for puppies

Get expert veterinary help for your puppy from home with video calls. Experienced vets and behaviourists can assess your pet remotely and refer you to a clinic if necessary. Unlimited help is available daily from anywhere.

What customers think about Napo

Rated 4.7 · 2463 reviews

Frequently asked questions

What info do I need to activate my free benefits?

To activate your free benefits, you’ll need to use your referral link to sign up for Napo. (We send them this when you register your pups!)
To sign up, they’ll need their puppy’s details including breed and birthday. They’ll also have to enter their personal info and bank details.
They need to enter their bank details because they need to choose the level of cover they want, and sign up for a 12-month rolling insurance policy. They’ll automatically get the first month free. We’ll remind them 2 days before the free period ends and there’s no fee if they decide to cancel.

How much cover do the puppies get?

Your new pups can have either 4k, 8k, 12k, or 16k in cover. It’s totally up to you to decide what’s right for you and your family.
We know that different breeds may need different levels of cover, and we want to give owners the flexibility to choose the cover that’s right for you.
After your free month ends, this means you’ve got peace of mind knowing your pup is already set up with the ultimate cover for the rest of the year. But you’re always free to cancel at any point if you’re not totally happy with Napo and you’ll only be charged after your first free month has ended.

Are hereditary and congenital conditions covered?

Any new accident or illness is eligible for cover, including hereditary and congenital conditions*.
Like most insurance products, we aren’t able to offer cover for any pre-existing conditions which have shown signs or symptoms prior to the policy starting.
*Terms and conditions apply - see policy details here.

Do you cover spaying/neutering?

In general, we’re not able to cover spaying or neutering as they are considered elective treatments. But, if they’re recommended by a vet as treatment for an eligible condition, we would consider covering the costs.

How much will it cost to continue cover with you?

Once the free period is over, the cost to continue cover with us will depend on the breed and the level of cover you chose.
When you sign up, you’ll choose between £4k, £8k, £12k and £16k cover. You’ll be shown the price to continue cover at that point.
Puppy Academy is usually £9.99/month on it’s own. But you continue insurance cover with us, you’ll get this completely free for as long as you have an active policy.

How much will it cost to continue Puppy Academy?

Once your free month has ended, if you wanted to continue just with access to our Puppy Academy, you can get this for either £3.99/week, £9.99/month, or £49.99/year.
If you continue on with your insurance with Napo however, you’ll get this
totally free
for the rest of the year 🎉

How can I contact you if I have questions or need help?

You can email us anytime at if you have any questions. We’re happy to help! 💙

Still have questions?

Email one of our friendly community managers at We’ll get back to you with answers! 💙