The complete new puppy checklist: Everything you need for a healthy, happy puppy

Written by Napo HQ
26th Jul 2022
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The image shows a poodle crossbreed puppy bounding towards the camera, mouth wide like it's smiling and ears flapping in the breeze.
There's more to remember than just your puppy's food, bowls, bed, and toys. Remember to get your puppy grooming equipment, as well as flea and worming treatment. You also need something to keep them safe in the car, like a dog crate. Remember to register your puppy with a vet, and don't forget to get pet insurance to help pay for vet bills.
There’s a lot to consider before you even
decide to add a dog to the family
, including your space, lifestyle, and financial cost. But, that’s only the start, there’s even more planning you need to do before you bring your new puppy home!
To take the stress out of trying to remember everything you need for your new arrival, we’ve written the complete new puppy checklist.
Gather all these puppy essentials, and you’ll have everything you need to give the best possible care to your new puppy.

The complete puppy checklist: What to buy before bringing your puppy home

What you need before taking your puppy home

Before you bring your puppy home, make sure they have been microchipped which has been updated with all your details.
If you can, give a blanket or a toy to your puppy’s breeder so they can get the mother and other puppy’s smell on it. Your puppy can take this home and cuddle it for comfort.
All dogs must be kept safe and secure in the car, even as puppies. This helps to keep your puppy settled on journeys, and safe if you ever have an accident. But it is also a legal requirement to keep all animals “suitably restrained”, otherwise you may be breaking the law.
You can keep your puppy safe in the car by using:
  • A dog crate
  • A cat carrier (if they’re small enough to fit!)

What you need to have ready at home for your puppy’s arrival

You should have bought all these essentials already, because you’ll need them from the moment your puppy gets home. You’ll need to buy everything on this new puppy checklist:
  • Comfy bed
  • Dog crate
  • A puppy pen or baby gates
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Adjustable collar
  • An ID tag for their collar (This is a legal requirement!)
  • Lead
  • Harness (Or just use their collar!)
  • Some of your puppy’s current food
  • Puppy treats (low, medium, and high value.)
  • Puppy treat pouch
  • Puppy-safe toys
  • Poo bags
  • Poo bag holder
  • Pet-safe cleaning supplies
  • Flea treatment
  • Worming treatment
  • Insurance
Don’t forget that there are different dog toys for different uses. Chew toys will be perfect for when you’re puppy starts teething. Puzzle toys are great for enrichment and you can use to feed them. Active toys like balls, tugs, and flirt poles are all good for exercising your puppy. Get a range of different toys to keep your puppy occupied!
Haven't found puppy insurance yet? Napo can protect your puppy for life. Find out more with an online quote.

Puppy grooming checklist

As well as all the essentials like a bed, food, and toys, you need to get grooming supplies for your new puppy as soon as possible.
That way, you can start handling your puppy and introducing them to grooming routines during their socialisation period, so they get used to them and don’t find them stressful later in life.
  • Brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog toothbrush
  • Dog-safe toothpaste
  • Claw clippers (or) dremel
Remember to never use human toothpaste on your puppy as it contains ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Instead, always use a pet-safe formula.

What do you need to travel with your puppy?

As mentioned above, your puppy will need to be kept secure in the car on every drive. This keeps them safe, prevents them from distracting you, and is a legal requirement.
You have a few options to keep your
dog safe and secure in the car
. Louisa the Vet suggests a dog crate as the safest and most comfortable option for your pup.

Puppy travel checklist:

You can keep your dog secure by using either:
  • Dog crate
  • Safe boot space with dog guard
  • A dog seatbelt
  • A harness (to attach to the seatbelt)
To keep your puppy comfortable and happy in the car you should also bring along:
  • A bed or blanket
  • A safe chew toy
  • Travel water bottle or bowl

How to prepare your home for a new puppy

As well as buying all the essentials, you’ll need to make sure your house and garden are safe for a new puppy.
Preparing your home for the puppy also means making sure your family are all ready to look after your new pet.
Make sure any children in your house know how to interact safely with the puppy. They should also know the rules to follow around the puppy, like never waking them up if they sleeping, and never disturbing them or taking their food away when they’re eating.
If you have other pets in your house, make sure you know how to introduce them to your new puppy and do so calmly and gradually. It can take time for pets to adjust to having a new furry family member, so remember to be patient.

Final preperations

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time, and we hope you have an amazing life together with your new furry friend!
By ticking off everything on this new puppy checklist, you should have everything you need to give your puppy the best care possible.
Although you’ve bought all the essentials, have you remembered to insure your puppy? Sadly, puppies often have accidents due to their curious nature and the fact they’re still exploring the world. There are also a few common illnesses puppies can contract.
Get peace of mind by making sure your new puppy is protected with Napo.
Not only will we help cover the cost of any unforeseen vet bills, but you can access a host of amazing tools and resources to help keep your puppy happy and healthy as they grow, like free video calls with vets and behaviourists through FirstVet.
Find out more with a quick online quote.

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