Podcast #1: The pet obesity epidemic: helping our furry friends to be healthier

Written by Napo HQ
6th May 2022
23 mins listen
Welcome to the series premiere of
The Pet Perspective
, where we’re kicking off a series of tips for looking after your little loved ones with a look at the growing number of obese pets.
The wonderful
Dr Louisa Lane
, a vet and clinic director, joins your host Rhiannon for a detailed chat on how to combat pet obesity. Including tips for tailoring your pet’s calorie intake, whether a vegan diet works for your animal, and much more.

In this episode

  • Some of the concerning consequences of allowing pets to get overweight.
  • How to assess your pet’s ideal calorie intake.
  • Whether vegan diets and raw feeding are appropriate for your animal.
  • Tips for maintaining and losing pet weight.

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