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Can puppies eat carrots?

Written by Napo HQ
Reviewed by Dr Sarah Elliott
7th Dec 2023
Carrots are a healthy treat for puppies, packed with nutrients and fibre. You can give them to your puppy raw or plainly boiled. If you’re giving them raw, cut them up small to reduce the choking hazard. Give your pup the right amount for their size and appetite. Always check with a vet before introducing carrots and any other new foods.
Carrots can be a refreshing snack and a versatile cooking ingredient. If you’re munching one, you might wonder if your pup could have some too. We’ll be answering the question “can puppies eat carrots” and talking about when this crunchy veggie is - or isn’t - safe for puppies.
Some foods that are safe for humans can be toxic to puppies and dogs, like chocolate and grapes. You should always check with a vet before feeding your pup anything new. Because even if you can eat them, your pup won’t always be able to.

Can puppies eat carrots?

Yes, puppies can eat carrots. These tasty root veggies are a low-calorie, nutrient-packed treat that can support your puppy's overall health. They aren’t toxic to puppies or dogs and are safe for them to eat in moderation. You can feed some carrot to your pup on its own, as an ingredient in a treat, or in their food.
Always wash any veggies and fruits you serve your pup, including carrots. Some supermarket vegetables are treated with pesticides.
Cut the carrot into small, bite-sized pieces to prevent choking. Give your puppy new foods slowly so you can watch them for any bad reactions. If you’re worried because your pup has a pre-existing health condition or allergies, always talk to your vet before adding new foods to their diet.

Can puppies eat raw carrots?

Absolutely! Puppies can eat raw carrots, and it's a healthy and fun snack for them. Raw carrots are like crunchy toys that puppies can munch on, but they may or may not like the texture. Just make sure to supervise them while they’re enjoying some carrots.

Can puppies eat cooked carrots? 

Your puppy can eat cooked carrots if they are boiled or steamed plain. Carrots that are in stews, mixed with other ingredients, or heavily seasoned aren’t alays safe for you pup. So stick to plain-cooked carrots instead.

Can puppies eat frozen carrots?

Frozen carrots are safe for your puppy to eat, and they're just as nutritious as fresh carrot. Frozen carrots can be a cost-effective and cooling treat, especially when your puppy is teething. You can either feed your puppy frozen carrot pieces, or wait til they’ve defrosted.

Can puppies eat baby carrots?

Baby carrots are safe for your puppy to eat. The name is a bit misleading, because most baby carrots are just normal carrots that are shaved down to a smaller size. But the size and different shapes might be more appealing to your puppy. Again, they can eat them cooked or raw, just make sure they're plain.

Can puppies have carrot cake?

No, you shouldn’t feed your puppy carrot cake. Cakes, muffins, and other desserts contain a lot of sugar and fat. If your pup has too much sugar, it could lead to gastrointestinal upset, obesity, and dental disease. Too much fat can also be linked to a condition called pancreatitis. They also have other ingredients you may not know about that your puppy could react to. For example, nutmeg, which is a common spice in cakes but is potentially dangerous to your dog.
Human desserts aren’t healthy for your pup and they shouldn’t have them. If you want to feed your puppy a healthy treat, stick to giving them plain carrots instead.

Are carrots good for puppies?

They sure are! Carrots can be good for your pup and have lots of health benefits. Carrots have vitamin A which supports healthy vision. They also have lots of dietary fibre which can keep your puppy’s digestive system in good shape, and prevents constipation to help your pup poop regularly. Carrots make a great addition to your puppy’s diet but they should be just that, added to your puppy’s meals, rather than a replacement for their main food.

Can I give my puppy a carrot for teething?

Yes, giving your puppy some carrots for teething can be a great idea. You can even freeze the carrot for some extra cooling and soothing. The natural crunchiness of carrots can be soothing on their gums when your puppy is teething. It's like a natural teething toy. Not only does it help make the teething experience a bit more bearable for your pup, it also introduces them to different textures and flavours and gives their diet some variety.

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