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Can dogs eat blackberries?

Written by Napo HQ
Reviewed by Dr Louisa Lane
20th Sep 2022
8 mins read
Autumn means the hedgerows are going to be bursting with blackberries. And while you might be tempted to pick a few to share with your dog, it’s important to check if dogs can eat blackberries first.
Luckily, they can. Blackberries are safe for dogs to eat and contain lots of vitamins. Just remember to pick them from higher up the bush and wash them before you or your dog eat them.
With autumn drawing in, that means you’ll soon start seeing blackberries in the hedgerows. If you’re out walking with the dog, you might pick a few to eat and wander if your pup could snack on one too.
We’ll be answering the question “can dogs eat blackberries” and talking about the ways these tart fruits are - or are not - good for dogs.
Some human foods can be toxic to dogs, like chocolate and grapes. You should always check with a vet before feeding your dog anything new. However, not all human foods are unhealthy for dogs and can make tasty treats!

Can dogs eat blackberries?

Yes, dogs can eat blackberries. These autumnal fruits aren’t toxic to dogs and are safe for them to eat in moderation.
You can feed them to your dog on their own, or as an ingredient in a treat or their food.
Just like people, dogs have personal tastes. While some dogs love blackberries, some pups won’t like the tart flavour. If your dog spits it out, they haven’t been poisoned, they just might not like blackberries!

Can dogs eat wild blackberries?

Dogs can eat wild blackberries as well as blackberries you buy from the shop.
Just like if you were going to eat them, it's always best to wash any blackberries before your dog eats them.
So if you’re out walking and spot a few blackberries growing in the hedgerow, you can pick them and take them home to share with your pup.
Make sure you can identify them as blackberries, and not a potentially harmful berry, and always pick blackberries from higher up the bush. (Low-hanging fruits might have been urinated on by other animals.) And don't forget to leave plenty behind for the birds!

Can dogs have frozen blackberries?

Frozen blackberries are safe for your dog to eat, and just as nutritious as fresh berries. Frozen blackberries can make a cost-effective and cooling treat.
You can either feed your dog blackberries frozen, or once they’ve defrosted.

Can dogs have blackberry jam?

No, your dog shouldn’t eat blackberry jam. It won’t be toxic to your dog, but it isn’t good for them. Blackberry jam is full of sugar, which can cause an upset stomach, and contribute to weight gain and dental disease

Can dogs eat blackberry crumble or pie?

No, you shouldn’t feed your dog blackberry crumble or pie.
Crumbles, pies, and other puddings contain a lot of sugar and fat. If your dog eats too much sugar, it could lead to gastrointestinal upset, obesity, and dental disease. Too much fat could also be linked to a condition called pancreatitis.
In short, they’re not healthy for your dog and they shouldn’t eat them.
If you want to feed your dog a fruity treat, stick to feeding them plain blackberries.

How many blackberries can a dog eat?

There is no defined number on how many blackberries your dog can eat.
However, eating too many could give your dog digestive problems. If your dog shows any sign of illness, stop feeding them blackberries and next time, lower the amount you give them.
A small dog can tolerate less than a big dog. So consider keeping blackberries limited to one or two for a very small breed, and bigger dogs can eat a few more. 
Any treats your dog eats, including “healthy” fruits and vegetables like blackberries should still be kept as just treats. So keep them to a minimum.

Are blackberries good for dogs?

Because blackberries are a treat, your dog probably won’t get many of these fruits’ nutritional benefits. But there are certainly good things about giving them to your pup.
They’re low in sugar and fat, making them a great sweet treat for dogs that need to watch their weight. 
Blackberries also contain lots of helpful antioxidants as well as being a healthy source of fibre. Blackberries are also a good source of Vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

Are blackberries bad for dogs?

Blackberries aren’t bad for dogs in the sense that they aren’t poisonous and they’re safe to eat. They’re also not “bad” as they are not processed or full of fat, salt, or sugar, which you should moderate in your pet’s diet.
However, eating too many blackberries could cause your dog to suffer from diarrhoea. They’re full of fibre, after all. But they would have to eat a lot for it to affect them.

A tasty blackberry recipe to try with your dog

You can make some tasty peanut butter and blackberry biscuits for your dog to enjoy as a treat. (Even humans can munch on these treats too!)
This recipe makes about a dozen biscuits.First, mash up a two handfuls of blackberries and mix it with:
  • ½ a teaspoon of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (Make sure it's xylitol free and ideally palm oil free.)
  • 4 tablespoons of flour
Mix your ingredients together into a dough and separate it into little balls. Pop the dough balls on a lined baking tray. Flatten them a little with a fork or spoon to make the biscuit shape. 
Bake the biscuits in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 350F.
Then, take them out the tray and into the fridge to cool down. (or leave them on the side to cool.) Remember to store your biscuits in the fridge, and they should keep for a few days.

Recap: Can dogs eat blackberries?

Dogs can eat blackberries whether they’re fresh or frozen, store-bought, or picked from the wild. Just remember to keep them as a treat.
Although blackberries are safe and nutritious for your pup to eat, don’t feed them any foods with blackberries as a flavour or ingredient. Whether it’s blackberry jam or blackberry pie or crumble, these foods are too full of sugar and fat to be a safe - or healthy - treat for your furry friend.
If you feed your dog blackberries, keep it as a treat. Feed them as the plain fruit, or bake it into a tasty dog-safe blackberry treat.

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