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Live classes led by our team of ABTC accredited trainers. They’ve seen it all before!

Know what you’re doing wrong

Trainers can troubleshoot in class, tell you where you might be going wrong, and what to do next.

Support for every next step

We’ll guide you every step of your training journey. You can message our team directly or book a video call.

Join live classes and our trainers will solve:

Biting & nipping

Practice redirection so they only chew things they’re meant to. Find out more.

Separation anxiety

Build their confidence so they’re comfortable with time on their own. Find out more.

Settling your puppy

Practice settling your pup so you can both get a good night’s sleep. Find out more.

Toilet training

Learn how to make “the magic link” so they toilet on cue. Find out more.

Loose lead walking

Learn the 300 peck method so they walk nicely on a lead. Find out more.

And many more…

We’ve got loads of other classes available, and always adding more. 

Live classes hosted by accredited dog trainers

There’s a ton of (often conflicting) advice on dog training, and it’s easy to try everything and feel stuck.
 Join live classes where trainers can tell you what’s stalling your training, and how to get back on track.

Practice anytime with on demand resources

We know you’ll be fitting in training whenever you can. Practice any time, any place with our library of video and written resources. It’s always being added to!

Get support from our expert trainers

If you have questions after a class, or you’d just like some extra help or reassurance, we’ve got you. You can message our trainers directly or book a video call.

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