Podcast #5: Puppy mythbusting: what’s considered "normal" behaviour in your new puppy

Written by Napo HQ
10th Jun 2022
38 mins listen
The reality of puppy ownership entails far more than the idyllic, potty-trained pet - puppies don't come pre-loaded with our idea of the perfect dog.
So which behaviours should we be more lenient with, and what should we be looking out for when training our new pups?
This week’s guest on The Pet Perspective is
Lorna Winter
, a dog behaviourist and Co-Founder of dog training app, Zigzag. We take a look at how you can encourage normal puppy behaviour, and what you can do today to prepare your puppy to live well with your family.

This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:

  • What behaviours we mistakenly think puppies shouldn't be exhibiting.
  • Whether there's an appropriate method to scold your puppy.
  • The keys to properly training your dog healthily.
  • How to handle the coexistence of puppies and children in your home.

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