Podcast #4: How to train your cat: translate meows and understand their behaviours

Written by Napo HQ
27th May 2022
26 mins listen
40% of cat owners are said to know what their cat’s meow means, so how can we better understand and translate what our feline friends are trying to say to us?
Bringing her fascinating expertise,
Dr Sarah Ellis
- Co-Author of "
The Trainable Cat
" and Head of Cat Advocacy at International Cat Care - joins us for a deep dive into the wonderful world of cat behaviour and communication.
Discover tips you can put in practice today to better care for your cat, the best skills they can be equipped with, and we'll discuss some of the biggest cat ownership myths.

This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:

  • Spotting the difference between meows and yowls.
  • How to spot a happy cat vs a sad cat.
  • The many ways our cats strive to communicate with us.
  • What we need to provide to fulfil our cats’ basic needs.
  • Tips on training your cat for vital skills, like cat carrier comfort.

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