Podcast #2: Disappearing dogs

Written by Napo HQ
6th May 2022
22 mins listen
The theft of a beloved pet is one of the most harrowing experiences an owner could possibly go through, so what support is there for victims of animal thieves?
Not too long ago there was little that police could do, but thanks to this week’s guest
Debbie Matthews
, CEO of The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance, where there’s growing support for owners and pets.
On this week’s episode of
The Pet Perspective
we talk about Debbie’s own journey after retrieving her two dogs, what you can do to prevent pet theft, and sources of aid if you’re a victim.

In this episode

  • Debbie’s personal experience with pet theft, and how it started her campaign for legal reform.
  • The motivations for pet theft and the most common methods.
  • Resources available in the event that you’ve had an animal stolen.
  • Tips for preventing theft when you're out & about, and within your home.

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