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Earn more as a Napo partner

Get £40 commission for every person you refer that purchases a comprehensive Napo insurance policy, and help pet owners take better care of their pets.
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How the Napo affiliate programme works

1. Join us for free

Sign up and get approved onto our affiliate programme. You'll also save 15% on your own pet insurance.

2. Promote Napo

Share your unique affiliate link with all the pet owners you know. They'll get 10% off Napo insurance too!

3. Get rewarded

You'll earn £40 commission for every new customer who buys a policy with us through your unique link.

Why should I become an affiliate partner?

At Napo, we want every dog and cat to have their health protected. Not just with insurance, but by providing the services and knowledge owners need to prevent health problems so every dog and cat can be healthier and happier.
As an affiliate, you'll have access to:
  • A 15% discount on your own Napo insurance policy.
  • Access to useful information to help you and your customers take better care of their pets.
  • An exclusive 10% discount for a whole year for everyone you refer, so they save money too.
  • Plus, you'll earn a £40 commission within 30 days of every policy-purchasing customer you refer.

Sound good? Start boosting your earnings today.

Why recommend Napo?

Here at Napo, we want to make sure pet owners have everything they need to keep their pet happy and healthy. That includes cover that many insurance policies don’t include. For example...
  • Up to 16k in vet fee cover.
  • Free 24/7 video calls with UK vets and behaviourists.
  • Fully online claims, without downloading or printing any forms.
  • A low simple excess. For each illness or injury, you’ll only pay £75 per year.
  • Dental cover, including tartar removal and extractions.

Affiliate FAQs

How does it work?
You will be given a unique affiliate link to share and promote with pet owners. If someone you refer buys a policy from us, you'll earn a sweet £40 commission. 
Plus, everyone you refer will save 10% on their pet insurance for the first year.
As an affiliate, you also get 15% of your own pet insurance policy with us.
How and when will I receive my commission?
When you sign up you can tell us your bank details. Whenever you earn a commission, we'll send you payment within 30 days of a successful referral purchase.
Will it cost anything to be an affiliate?
No, it doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate. All you need is a love of pets, and an audience of pet lovers to promote to.
Do I need to be a Napo customer to be an affiliate?
No, you don’t need to be a Napo customer to be an affiliate. 
But when you become an affiliate with us, you can receive a 15% discount on a Napo pet insurance policy.
Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?
No, there is no limit to how many referrals you can make, and no limit on how much you can earn. You can promote us to every pet owner you know!
How do I know if my referrals have purchased a policy?
We'll send you a report at the end of every month. The report will show how many people have clicked your affiliate link, and how many of them successfully purchased a policy. You’ll earn a commission from each successful purchase made through your referral link.
How can I introduce someone to Napo?
To introduce someone to Napo, simply send them your affiliate link. They then click this link and if they purchase a policy, you’ll earn a commission.
Are there any terms and conditions?
You can read the full terms and conditions of the affiliate programme

Earn a little extra for your love of pets.

You already love helping take great care of pets, now earn extra for it. Earn a commission from every customer you refer, save 15% on your pet insurance, and help other owners save 10% on policies.